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Rochester Youth Outreach (RYO) served young people of Rochester ages 13-18 for several years prior to closing in 2014 using the arts and music as catalysts for youth leadership, empowerment, and civic engagement.

While it was active RYO embraced an asset-based philosophy of youth-adult partnership in which youth leaders are empowered to make decisions regarding the direction and offerings of the program as well as how they are implemented.

By so doing, they inspired personal growth and leadership through creative exploration and empowering youth to take their place in the community as healthy, confident, contributing individuals who believe they are capable of achieving their aspirations.


RYO operated every Sunday and Thursday afternoon out of a community space located at 265 Warwick Ave provided by His Branches. At our Thursday meetings young people received art and music instruction and were also provided a safe space to creatively express themselves and collaborate with a peer network of aspiring musicians and artists. Sunday afternoon meetings were dedicated towards developing and implementing a work plan for providing cultural offerings and service projects for the community. Youth took the lead in these discussions and were ultimately responsible for holding each other accountable and delegating responsibility equitably and democratically.

RYO sought to initiate programs in the 19th Ward and expand to surrounding areas when resources were available and the continuing needs dictated RYO involvement. RYO also sought to partner with the Rochester community on all levels to create more healthy educational, vocational and recreational opportunities for young people of Rochester.