Invest in tomorrow's leaders today

Our funding was unsecured for another year and we reached out for help with a goal of $20,000 to support keeping the center open. Unfortunately the funds were not forthcoming, and we had to close in 2014.

Our proposals involved creating two part time salary positions, paying rent at our space, buying art and music supplies, and continuing to offer regular and affordable youth-run programming. With community support, Rochester Youth Outreach was looking forward to continuing its work with our youth leaders on scheduling and managing regular community-focused art, music, and cultural events at our space.

For many of Rochester’s young people, particularly those younger than 18 years of age, there are limited to no opportunities to see live music for free or affordable rates. Most music venues do not allow high school aged youth in, and for those that do, the price of a ticket often prevents many young people from attending. RYO provides a positive and safe space for young people to enjoy the company and support of their community at the only all-ages music and performing arts space in the area. Additionally, RYO offers authentic leadership experience for local teenagers, helping to nurture the Search Institute’s empowerment developmental assets of “Service to Others,” “Community Values Youth,” “Safety,” and “Youth as Resources.”